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What’s Installed on the Pi?

To find what packages you’ve got installed already on your Raspberry Pi, type in the terminal window

dpkg –get-selections

if the list is too overwhelming, you can limit the search to the particular family of packages you’re looking for, like msql

dpkg –get-selections | msql



I am volunteering as programming/ICT support in both primary and secondary schools in Cambridge. I had an idea that I would most certainly, definitely go in to primary teaching as I adore little kids. and their unjaded enthusiasm.

I did not want to be in secondary school, perhaps because my own experience was pretty horrible.

However, I may have changed my mind. I continue to waver between preferring one age group and another, am considering a “third way”. Perhaps I don’t need to decide. Perhaps I can get my QTS for secondary school and work on consulting for primary too, or create afterschool clubs for both.

STEM Ambassador!!!

parentsI applied for the STEM Ambassador scheme  with STEM Team East over the summer so that I may get my Enhanced DBS clearance for volunteering in schools to run Code Clubs and the like.

It’s taken a really long time to come through, but finally there is word that I am cleared to work with children (that are not my own)!

This makes me quite happy.

I’m trying to edge my way into the classroom, and this seems a good path. Volunteer, run code clubs, support learning in the classroom, make horrendous and embarrassing Newly Qualified Teacher mistakes. When I am a professional and get paid I should be a little more assured and skillful.